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Tea…. Do you have a Cup?

tea with shenzi and tikki

Tea with Shenzi & Tikki. Its seems forever since we had a chat!  Do you have a cup of tea ready?  We hope so, because we like to think you’re comfortable and taking time for yourself.

Here we are sitting in front of Karen’s tea mug (which her BFF Hilary) bought her. You can’t quite see the end of the wording, but the last word is Hills. Karen says she would definitely rather be there (the Malvern Hills that is) than sitting in her office on a hot day! Us too!

Like all of you,  we’ve been staying mostly at home and are lucky enough have a nice little garden we can roam around in.

Having said that, we do go out and about to get fresh air and see what’s going on in the neighbourhood, but mostly we like to sit on the desk or the sewing table and check on what Karen’s up to. She’s been very busy!

Shenzi and Tikki the Origami Pets sit in the pompoms drinking tea

Here we are sitting in the very comfy pompoms she made. Bet you’re wondering what they’re for? New bed maybe?

Shenzi and Tikki In the Bunny teepee

Did you guess? They’re decorations for a tent or a teepee! Here we are trying it out for comfort. Very nice! So we thought maybe this was our new bed – better than pompoms. But again, no…….it turns out the teepee is not our new comfy day bed but is a tent or a teepee for Bunnies, cats, small dogs, hedgehogs and pet rats to sit in! We are of course a cat and a dog, but it’s for bigger pets than us (apparently…).

Ed sitting in the Bunny tent

However, Ed seemed to be under the same impression as us!

New bed! Yay! Nope, it wasn’t for him either! He did make us laugh though!

Karen said that one of the things she’s been wanting to do for ages was to design a little thank you to pop in with the orders and she finally got it done!

Thank you notes from Spoilingtons featuring Shenzi & Tikki.  Always check whilst drinking tea.

Here we are, checking out our likenesses on the “Thank You’s”. There was a bit of a problem with the size of the website details but Karen said “you live and learn”, so she will fix that on the next print run.

Then! All of a sudden! We were surround by reindeers and robins! It was Christmas!

So This Is Christmas!

Robins everywhere!

Robins in their nests. Catnip for your cat (Shenzi says its about time!)

So we finally got to catch up! It makes us very happy and we promise not to be so slack next year.

Merry Christmas (in advance!).