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Surrounded by Madness

Origami Cat and Origami Dog surrounded by stuff
Surrounded by Madness

As you know by now, Shenzi (the Origami Cat) and Tikki (the Origami Dog) sit on my desk.  All day, every day.  They have an odd assortment of things around them…….they say they are surrounded by madness! I have no idea what they mean!

Shenzi and Tikki are there for inspiration but the rest of the stuff – not so much!  The other things have accumulated on the desk because I just can’t throw them away, or, I think they might be useful or, they’re sentimental or, something! 

Origami Reduce Reuse Recycle

They remind me that as a business, we are trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. So now I don’t feel too bad that I’m surrounded by madness because I’m reusing “stuff”! But, they did chant that slogan, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at me! With the caveat “Just Not Us!”. I’m still laughing at them……

Anyway…… As we learned in the last blog, Shenzi and Tikki do talk. I asked them what their thoughts are on being surrounded by madness.  They very politely told me that they no longer need me to talk for them, they’ll talk for themselves!  That told me! From now on, I hand over my blog to them. Hope you like their stories!

Hello Everyone! Move over Karen, yes, this is me, Shenzi! I’m very excited to talk to you. My mate Tikki and I will take turns to talk so you don’t get confused! I actually love the chaos on the desk, it makes me feel nice and comfy! Although, I have to say I’m a little worried by the Koala sitting on top of the cow in the first picture! It can’t be very comfy for him can it? We’re joined by other things from time to time and there are often little piles of torn up paper ready to recycle.

Origami Cat and Origami Dog

I have to say, it does worry me a bit when I see that! I have to check that Tikki is still on the desk when I see those little piles!

Karen says we may never be purrfect (OK, one cat pun per chat is allowed) at reducing, reusing and recycling but we can try our best and every bit helps.

I think we’re helping because did you know that the wrapping your Cat subscription Box comes in is recyclable? The tissue paper has already been recycled and can be re-used if you’re careful with it and the cardboard attached to the toys is also recyclable.

Of course, like every cat, I do like to play in a box so I guess that makes it recyclable and re-useable!

The tale end (sorry….lol) of this story is that I like being surrounded by madness because its comfortable and I need a few things around me to remind me that I could tidy up and reduce the stuff if I wanted, that I can find another use for the stuff and that if all else fails, I can recycle it!