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Lockdown – eek!

Shenzi The Cat and Tikki The Dog

So, we (in South Africa) are in Lockdown. For 21 days!

Just that word Lockdown is scary. If I think about it, I’ve always associated it with prisons and riots.  It definitely wasn’t a word I, (or anyone else I know) used in their everyday language. And it isn’t a positive word either!

We’ve all learnt a whole new language for this time – Lockdown, Social Distancing, Stay at Home, Flatten the Curve and we’ve learnt that although we might not like any of them, they will help to keep us all alive. Therefore, I’m now considering them as good, strong words.

I wanted to mark this crazy time with my thoughts (my Mum would have called it a missive and my Dad would have thought up a song for it) that will stay in the internet ether forever. These thoughts are not earth shattering or anything. I just want never to forget this time of quiet and compassion for our fellow humans plight (albeit socially distanced compassion of course!). 

On Day 3 of lockdown I started to write this. It’s now day 11 and I haven’t got much further.  Not because I’ve been busy, (well not any more than usual) but because I wanted to tell a positive tale so I needed some time to think. It will be lucky Day 13 by the time I publish it.

My husband has a countdown on the fridge with fridge magnets. So today is Covid Day 13 – he calls it Covid mainly because there were not enough letters to spell Lockdown. 😂

In South Africa, we are not even able to go for a walk, such is the Governments love and fear for its people. That urge to go out into the world and see what’s happening is like an itch. 

Lockdown home is your castle

For me, I work from home anyway, but its that contrary humanness (is that a real word?) that makes me want to do something I’ve been told I can’t do!  

That old saying about an Englishman’s home is his castle was never more true than now, for all of us!

Anyway, we cannot go out. This includes dogs. It does NOT include cats as they are allowed out and about to do whatever they want and yet ………

Lockdown Ed does whatever he wants

Ed does whatever he wants……because he can!

On day 8, I went to the shops to buy some basics.  It was eerie, scary and I didn’t enjoy the freedom of being out in the world one bit!  In fact, I couldn’t wait to get home and safety. Learnt another valuable lesson from Ed………

Ed takes time to smell the flowers in lockdown

Ed’s life lesson for us – make time to enjoy the flowers (in your own space).

Day’s 9 and 10 were spent having virtual coffee with friends and the family via Zoom, enjoying the rain because that felt like it was okay to do nothing much and ticking off a couple of jobs on my “Corona House List”.

At 7 p.m. each night we, and other people in our street and suburb go outside (keeping the requisite distance apart) and make a noise for all the people who are continuing to look after us. We can hear bugles, drums and pots and pans being hit, clapping and somebody playing the South African National Anthem. The collective noise has a lot of unidentifiable sounds too!

Thanks will never be enough for the rubbish collectors, the doctors and nurses, shopworkers, police, carers and so many other essential service workers.

Vuvuzela makes a noise for all the essential workers

Every night we go outside at 7 p.m. and make a noise for all the essential workers out there.

On a personal note, I have acquired a previously undiscovered talent for blowing a Vuvuzela – very satisfying! So I can make a lot of noise! The vuvuzela was left over form the World Cup in 2010 and was in the garage (tidying the garage is item number 6 on the “Corona House List”).

So, those are my thoughts on this time so far.

As for Shenzi and Tikki, they wish you all a Happy Lockdown and will be celebrating Easter as usual.

Shenzi and Tikki celebrate Easter in Lockdown
Shenzi and Tikki Celebrating Lockdown Easter