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Custom made pouch for a cooling mat/pad for your small pet.  Comes in 800ml or 400ml size flat ice brick (colour may vary from image).  The ice brick is non-toxic.  The inside layer is waterproof to keep the condensation of your pet’s fur and the is outside poly cotton.
The inside waterproof material is pink and the outside is teal with bright pink polka dots.



Our Pet Cooling Pad, mat or brick helps keep your pet cool in the South African summers. It would be suitable for your small pet such as a rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, ferret or chinchilla
The pet cooling pad, mat or brick is available in 2 sizes.  The ice brick is either 400ml or 800 ml and is non-toxic.  Accordingly, the pouch is handmade in South Africa to a custom size to fit.
The non-toxic slimline ice packs are perfect for slotting into your bunnies’ house for them to snuggle up to and keep cool.

Simply freeze the ice pack (included) in your freezer, pop into the pocket and place it in with your small pet to help keep them cool.
Each ice pack in enclosed in an easy open waterproof lined poly cotton pocket. Additionally, the waterproof lining prevents soggy bedding and wet pets by containing the condensation created on the outside of the ice pack.

As with all of our fleece and fabric products , we recommend that your pet be supervised at all times during use. Fabric products may not be suitable for all your pets (we know how much some like to nibble at things they shouldn’t!).

Our pouches for the bunny cooling pads are washable by hand or on a 30 degree wash.

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