Pet Teepee Stars


Yellow, blue, pink and grey stars feature on the white background of this pet teepee tent.  Custom made for you with either pink or blue wool pom poms, cotton and fleece cushion and ribbon tie backs.  You choose!
Smooth finished wooden dowels with cord to tie them neatly.
The tent is handmade from 100% cotton tent material.
The cushion has grey cotton on one side, blue or pink fleece on the other and is filled with a thin layer of batting (got to consider the South African Summers!).

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Darling Pet Teepee for your small pet.  Features 100% cotton with pink, grey, blue and yellow stars.

The charming pompoms add to the cute factor – after all, your pet probably appreciates a decorated room as much as the next pet!  Additionally we have a cotton backed and batting filled fleece cushion.  The cushion is approximately (remember everything is handmade so may vary slightly) 32cm x 32cm.
Designed with the legs encased inside the tent and the feet covered so the poles don’t slip out.  Pop the pet teepee onto a lovely fleece blanket for extra stability.


1. The wooden poles are already in the canvas slots.  All you have to do is spread the legs out to form a teepee

2. Using the cord included, wrap around the top of the poles to secure together.

3. Tie back the teepee doors and voila!

The pet tent is approximately 40cm x 40cm x 50 cm high with a total height (including the poles) of 70cm.

• Smooth finished wooden dowels.
• Easy assembly; ready in a couple of minutes.
• Enough space for your small sized pet.
• Provides a comfortable and secure place for your pet to rest.

Never leave your pet unattended in its tent!

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Additional Information

Bunny Cushion

Blue and Grey, Pink and Grey

Pom Poms

Blue, Pink

Teepee Tie Backs

Blue, Pink

Instructions For Assembling Pet Teepee

The teepee comes with its poles already slotted into the casings for easy assembly.

1. Spread the legs out to form a teepee on top of the surface it will stand on (we suggest a fleece blanket for extra comfort for your pet).

2. Using the cord included, wrap around the top of the poles to secure together.  Add your pom poms for decoration.

3. Tie back the teepee doors, pop in the cushion and your pet is ready for a nap!


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