Cuddle Cup Pink


This cute Cuddle Cup is a great size for a hamster, guinea pig or other small animal.  Made with Polar Fleece and padded with Polyloft batting for a super soft feel for your pet.  The fleece has a pink background with sleepy clouds and crescent moon.



Pink Cuddle Cup for your guinea pig or rabbit, rat, ferret or hamster.  100% handmade in South Africa using polar fleece for a super cosy and soft bed.
Because they are lined with polyloft batting they ensure extra comfort and snugness.  Our pet beds for small animals have been designed specifically with your small pet in mind.
This one has a soft pink background with white sleeping crescent moons and soft lavender sleepy clouds.
The small cuddle cup would suit a guinea pig, rat, hedgehog, small rabbit, chinchilla, ferret or other small pet and the large would suit your bunny or a couple of small bunnies or piggies.  Additionally, the circular shape of the small pet bed ensures your furry friend can curl up against the wall of the bed nicely.  Furthermore, the edges have been seemed to give extra structural support to the sides and front .

The pet beds are are a safe place for your little pet to rest and are specific to piggies, bunnies etc. and not made to suit other animals such as dogs or cats.

Our rabbit beds may be washed by hand.  Dry in the sun and use your hands to reform the shape.  Nice and easy!

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