White Swirls Tie-on Bandana


Tie On Dog Bandana Size Chart

How to measure

The bandanas we manufacture are suitable for most dog breeds and can easily be rolled and reduced in size to help ensure a great fit. Fitting is very easy and simple. Roll the bandana to suit and then simply tie around your dogs neck.

We usually recommend where possible to order a larger size bandana to allow plenty of excess to tie the bandana around the dogs neck. The Guide below is only a guide as all dog breeds vary.  Please measure your dogs neck to help ensure a good fit.

Please remember these Dog Bandanas are handmade and may vary slightly.

S39 CM17 CM 17 CMToy Breeds, Maltese, Chihuahua
M46 CM24 CM20 - 28 CMPug, French Bulldog, Maltese, Jack Russel
L/XL67 CM35 CM30 - 48 CMLabrador Retriever, Boerboel, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd, Husky

Colourful tie-on bandana features white swirls, bordered in black on a blue background.



This White Swirls Tie-on-Bandana has a blue background and the swirls are bordered in black.  Its an unusual and playful design.
The lovely blue background is complemented by the white swirls which are outlined in black.  Unique and custom made.  This dog bandana is soft, super lightweight to make it comfortable for your dog to wear in our South African climate and is bright.
Handmade in South Africa from 100% cotton.  Every bandana is hand cut so the pattern of the white swirls tie-on bandana may differ slightly because of pattern placement.  All these products are as eco-friendly as possible and recyclable making them environmentally friendly.

Your dog will definitely stand out from the crowd in this one.  It’s a chic and playful accessory to add to your fur babies wardrobe and your best friend will be happy to wear it as it will draw lots of attention from other humans admiring it!  Its a great dog gift for your pet or maybe buy it for a friends dog.

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Click on the size chart for measurements for the correct size to order for your precious fur baby.

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