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Harness Size Urban Paws

Small1.5 cm23-46 cm40-56 cm
Medium2 cm38-64 cm50-76 cm
Large2.5 cm44-72 cm56-86 cm

Bolt Harness in mint green with a pink, white and black pattern.



Bolt Harness in a summery mint colour with a black, white and pink pattern.  Super playful and stylish.  A dog harness is for those pups who maybe pull a little (or a lot!) because they are so excited to go out with you.  It disperses pressure over the dog’s whole body which in turn reduces strain on his/her back and neck.  It allows you to restrain your excitable dog without choking him or her.

Additionally, the Bolt Harness is designed to fit your dog’s body and not it’s neck.  Match it with the Bolt Lead and Bolt Collar and you have a statement outfit for your best friend.

Above all, each harness is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit.  It is made with super soft woven polyester so it won’t irritate your dog’s fur.  It has a strong, chrome metal D ring to attach the lead to and is double stitched for extra strength and durability.

To put on the harness, unbuckle it and lay on the ground.  Have your dog stand over it.  Place one of your dog’s front paws in one of the loops and his other front paw in the other loop.  Snap the strap buckles together on your dog’s back.

In conclusion, hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse well and leave to dry.

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