Fleece Dog Coat


Fleece Dog Coat Sizes

How to measure


Fleece Dog Coat Sizes

With these simple measurements you can find the best fit size in almost any dog coat.

  1. Length: measure from the base of the collar to the base of the tail to find length. This measurement will be the most helpful in measuring a dog coat.
  2. Girth: measure the widest part around your dog's chest behind the front legs.

When selecting a size for your dog, please bear in mind that the breed indications provided below are based on a typical dog of that breed, but obviously individual dogs vary. Also note that the measurements provided below are approximate as they are handmade and so will vary in size very slightly.

Small38 CM36 CM36 CM TO 46 CMJack Russel, Pekingese, Yorkshire Terrier
Medium53 CM40 CM40 CM TO 50 CMAirdale, Boxer, Collie
Large61 CM46 CM 46 CM TO 56 CMLabrador, Golden Retriever, Husky
Extra Large64 CM48 CM48 CM TO 58 CMGerman Shepherd, Rottweiler, Doberman

Blue plaid fleece dog jacket. Lined in Orange fleece for extra warmth.  Fastened with velcro to give a good fit for your dog.



Cosy Fleece Dog Coat in blue and cream plaid with a bright orange fleece lining.  Fastening with velcro to give a good fit for your dog around its neck and chest. Because of this your dog is going to be seriously comfortable as well as stepping out looking like the height of fashion!

This fleece dog coat is handmade right here in South Africa.  The material is polar fleece.  Because they are handcut and handmade there may be a slight variation in size. Each dog coat has been topstitched ensuring the material does not roll over and assists in keeping the shape.

Although the material is mainly blue and cream plaid, it does have other shades of blue striped through making it very appealing to look at.  Dog coats are great for those really bitter winter mornings and for when the sun drops and with it, the temperature.

See the size chart to get the best fit for your dog’s fleece jacket.

For other styles, have a look here

The biggest things to avoid doing to your fleece is the following (as it causes pilling):

  • Do not Dry-clean
  • No ironing, pressing or steaming (Yay!)
  • Please don’t use bleach or softener

Additional Information


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Washing Instructions for Polar Fleece

For general purposes, Polar Fleece can be washed (it’s fairly low maintenance!).  You can hand wash or wash in the machine on a delicates cycle.  Please don’t use fabric softener as that will cause pilling. Hang it outside to dry!

How to Prepare the Fleece

If you have bought your fleece to layer for protection in your small pets cage then you will need to wick the fabric first.

The first thing you need to do is wash and dry it at least three times with a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener, as this will prevent the fleece from being able to wick moisture at all.

Now that you have washed and dried your fleece three times, you are ready to begin layering.  Liquid will now pass straight through the fabric leaving the fleece dry to the touch, but this doesn’t mean the liquid disappears out of nowhere. You need to have something underneath the fleece to catch the liquid.


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