Mouse Catnip Toy


Madcap plush toys by Petstages® are made of durable canvas on the outside, with enticing catnip on this inside.

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What a fun Mouse Catnip Toy by Petstages®!  Cats love to play and we think they are domesticated, but they still retain the instinct to stalk and pounce – great fun to watch!
Cats are so curious and love any opportunity to bat, play or chase things.  The Mouse Catnip Toy encourages them to hunt and play giving them indoor exercise to help your kitty keep fit and healthy.  The benefits of play for cats include helping to prevent behavior problems through relieving boredom, and it helps in maintaining a healthy weight through exercise.

Made of durable canvas on the outside, the lure of the catnip on the inside will keep them entertained for hours.  Its a lightweight toy making it easy for them to play, chase, hunt and pounce.

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