Grumpy Cat Hair Ball


Don’t you just feel how the grumpy cat hairball looks sometimes?  Designed for you and your cat to play together, soft on the outside and a great rattle as it rolls around.

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Grumpy Cat Hair Ball.  It’s just that a hairy ball with balls that rattle inside and that grumpy face!  Just reading that makes you laugh.  Just remember its not about you though – its about your kitty! This is a supervised pet play toy designed for you to interact with your kitty.

Stimulating your cats natural hunting instincts, you and your cat will have loads of fun with this one.  Its made from high quality fabric and has a strong construction.

All cats will love this Grumpy Cat Hair ball toy.  Its fluffy ball is perfect for pouncing on and batting at! It makes a rattling sound as it moves which cats will go wild for.  Grumpy Cat is an internet sensation and is officially licensed by Rosewood Pet Products.

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