Feather Fish Catnip Toy


Its got feathers and it’s shaped like a fish — what more could a cat ask for? Oh yes! Catnip too!

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Feather Fish Catnip toy – love it!  It’s floppy and lightweight which makes it fun to fling and carry.  Its fish shape makes it purrfect for batting and chasing.
  • Stalking and Pouncing Products Keep Cats Engaged
  • 100% Catnip Filled
  • Addresses Cats’ Physical Needs and Instincts
  • Lightweight to Bat, Chase and Carry

The feather fish catnip toy crackles and sparkles too.  The crinkle noise is one that cats love.  The maker of this product is Petstages who are renowned for their quality toys for cats.

Always supervise your cat when it’s playing and make sure to choose an appropriate size toy for the size of your cat.  Remember, no toy is indestructible.

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