Boingy Bird Catnip Toy


Fun bird catnip toy with a “boingy” neck from Petstages.  The canvas body makes it a good sturdy toy for your kitty.

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The Boingy Bird Catnip Toy for your kitty is great fun as well as being durable and filled with catnip.  It is a lightweight toy which makes it easy for your cat to carry around.
Madcap plush toys by Petstages® are made of durable canvas on the outside, with enticing catnip on this inside. The boingy bird catnip toy has a fun springy movement in its neck, a plush fringe to add some interest and catnip to make it even more attractive.
Cats love to shake it, bat it, carry it and even lick it!  Toys like this are great for keeping your kitty active and thus help to maintain a healthy weight.  They are a perfect boredom buster and you get to thoroughly enjoy playtime with them.  Guaranteed to bring a smile to anyones face!

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