Cat Gift Box Valentines


What’s in the Valentines Day 2020 Theme Cat Gift box?  Your cat will get 1 x 60g KittyCrunch treats, a Grumpy Cat Teaser Toy filled with catnip that crackles (to give them some fun on Valentines Day) and a Red Cheeky Mouse.  Not forgetting the box – every cat’s favourite toy!


Super products feature in this Cat Gift Box Valentines theme.  So what’s in the Cat Gift box?  You get 60g of  Kitty Crunch by Kit Kat (Beef Flavour) in, of course, a red packet!  To encourage play, there’s a Red Jolly Moggy Cheeky Mouse by premium dog toy manufacturers Rosewood.  With its playful whiskers, long tail and body filled with premium quality catnip it’s great for interactive play. Also included is an iconic Feather Tail Grumpy Cat. Sure to put your cat in a good mood on Valentine’s Day as it’s been designed to be batted and pounced on.  The Cat Gift Box for Valentines collection comes in a free eco friendly box, which as we all know is every cat’s favourite toy!

We’re not sure who will have the most fun opening the box on Valentines Day, you or your cat!

NOTE: although there is a brown mouse shown in the picture, the box only includes the red mouse.

Sometimes you can buy these items individually.  Check Here to see.


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