Lola Bed


Vibrant and gorgeous pink and yellow cat eye shape pattern on a dark background.
80cm x 80cm x 15cm.  Suitable for cats and dogs up to 35kgs


Lola Bed for cats and dogs has a round shape.  The style has a funky white and black shaped pattern on a teal background. Go ahead!  We know you love to spoil your pet with comfort and style.  Looks good in the house too!

You know your cat loves to snooze so why not let him or her snooze in this ever so stylish lola bed.  Its measurements are 80cm x 80cm x 15cm.  Suitable for cats and dogs up to 35kgs.  It has a removable cover made from polyester and is water resistant.  The cover can then be machine washed.

Additionally, pet hair does not cling to the fabric which makes it easy to give it a quick wipe down.  The inner is made from nylon and is 100% waterproof.  It is also filled with a combination of foam chips and recycled PET fibre.  Manufactured in South Africa!

In conclusion, cats love to curl up in the round shape and the inner construction allows your posh pet to create a nest within the bed, pushing away the outer edges to make a natural pillow.  Together with the style, it gives them their very own space.

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