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Shenzi & Tikki Talk Valentines

Shenzi & Tikki Tallk

Shenzi & Tikki Talk Valentines – do they?

I was having a catch up over a cup of coffee and a mince pie with a friend during the oh so long ago festive season.

Coffee and Mince Pie with Shenzi And Tikki

Just to give you a bit of context, the mince pie balanced on the kettle picture was an innovative way (I thought….) of heating up this Christmas favourite during load shedding. 

It only fell off into the gas flame once, which on balance (no pun intended) was pretty good ….. considering….

I can hear you laughing you know!


She asked me what the Spoilingtons Origami Cat and Dog had to say about the next subscription box theme……

Bit odd you might think.   But actually, Shenzi the cat and Tikki the dog do have things to say. I found this out when I started making the little videos about them. They have their own characters and I think about what they would say and do. So yes, they do speak, well they do to me, and now to you too – who knew!

Shenzi and Tikki thought about doing something in January but decided that it’s not a month to be messed with. After all, it comes straight after Christmas and there’s such a lot to catch up on – plus it always feels like it has 145 days in it!

February it was then. 

The shortest month of the year with one of the most loved days of the year in it!  Yes, you guessed it; Valentines Day!  To celebrate love of all kinds they thought having Hearts Dog Bandana of the over the collar variety, Heart Tie-on Dog Bandanas, heart dog biscuits and Valentines Gift Boxes for Cats and Dogs was a brilliant idea!

Red Origami Heart
Origami Heart = Valentine’s Day!

Shenzi and Tikki love being loved so it made perfect sense to plan a Valentines subscription box and a special photograph for Valentine’s Day. They told me they don’t think of the day as being just for love, but for friendship and admiration too.

Whether you’re a fan of the celebration of this day or not, they wanted to share the love with you because they know you love your pets.  And that’s why Shenzi & Tikki Talk Valentines.

I say CHEERS to our pets who give us unconditional love all year round. 

Origami Cat & Dog with Red Origami Heart
Cats and Dogs love you unconditionally
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