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Keeping Warm & Other Things

Keeping Warm

Shenzi and Tikki talk about keeping warm and other random things! Because they know a bit about everything…….so they say…….

Shenzi and Tikki - keeping warm in our red outfits

Thought you’d like to see a picture of us keeping warm in our matching red outfits 😹🐶

Our pet (Karen) said we could write today and we weren’t going to turn that offer down! She did say it after she got cross one afternoon because a) Ed sat on us (and we say again – Ed sat on us!) and b) she was trying to make up for the fact that we were just lying around on her desk waiting to be sat on! (She doesn’t normally leave us lying around, usually we are sitting on the desk in a nice prominent position because we are so important). Whatever the reason, we’re so happy to be talking to you!

This was when Ed decided he wanted attention….. Caught on camera!!

Ed gets ready to squash us
Ed trying to look casual
Ed looking away like butter wouldn’t melt

Anyway! How cold is it right now?

Shenzi and Tikki keeping warm sitting on a blue blankie

We of course have fur coats (you have to imagine it) so we don’t feel the cold so much, but we do like to snuggle up under a soft fleece blanket (you can buy one for your dog here or for your cat here if you’d like to). We’re not fussy about what colour it is but we think this one’s good camouflage for us – what do you think?

Today’s topic of keeping warm came about because Karen decided that it was a good idea to start making blankets because it was getting colder and colder. Plus, she said that now people were returning to work (lockdown has eased a bit), dogs and cats might be on their own at home and would need something to make them feel safe and warm. So that’s how making blankets started. The only problem is with the cutting. Fluff goes everywhere when they’re cut (before they’re sewn)! It sticks to our eyelashes, our heads, and anything that stands still, then magically it disappears when the hems are done!

Lots of people sent us pictures of their dogs and cats on their blankies. Some humans ordered big blankies after seeing how warm and soft they are! Karen says we’re not putting their pictures on the Pets Friends of Spoilingtons page! We’re not sure why!

That’s it from us! We hope you stay snug as bugs in rugs this winter!

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