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And we’re Live! Or is it Alive?

First Blog Ever!

From This to This?

Hi and welcome to anyone reading this!

It really is my first blog ever and I’m giving it a go!

So….., after much nail biting, scratching of heads, talking in high pitched voices (from excitement, you understand), Spoilingtons Pet Presents was launched/born/hit the earth hard… get the picture.

Brainstorming with my husband (Antony) was the only way to get a name for the company and he did me proud!  We wanted to have a name that stood for buying presents to spoil pets with – easy you say – but not so much!  Many (and I mean many) names were written down…with pen and paper (who does that anymore?) and scratched out before he shouted this one out.

Then it was on to late nights, very early mornings, sourcing and talking, photographing and describing, choosing materials and working towards this launch date!  The maddest (is that a real word?) time of my life!

A good friend of mine said just start small and you won’t be so overwhelmed so that’s what I did (best advice ever).

I had a clear idea what I wanted the company to stand for and that whatever I did, I had to try to have as little impact on the environment as possible – as the saying goes, if we all just do one thing, it will make a difference.

Eco Friendly packaging
100% cotton and water based paint

As many products as possible are sourced locally, made locally and are as organic/eco-friendly as possible. Thanks Sue for the trips to source fabric etc.!

I was sorely tested on being eco-friendly,/organic/starting small after a session of making Origami dogs and cats with a cousin visiting from Australia (thanks d’Arcy).  I really wanted a fun banner on the home page of the website and, in my infinite wisdom, thought origami was the way to go.  Hmmmm, after a few trial and errors, the Spoilingtons Origami Dog and Cat were born!  At least the unsuccessful one’s were recycled!

There was no harm to animals in the making of this product!

The day of the logo arrival was an exciting one as I tried to master the art of stenciling – make no mistake, it is an art but luckily I found a brilliant person to make a stencil and thankfully it came with full “how to” instructions.  Once again I was into recycling paper with all my attempts! Water based paint was used!

Anyway, that’s why I called my first blog post From This To This? I’m still not sure which way around it is but I hope to be heading to Zen!

I am lucky to have the love and support of my husband, my daughter (Ashleigh) and I have the best friends and family in the world – you all know who you are. I know I couldn’t have done this without their encouragement. Loads of love and thanks to you!

3 thoughts on “And we’re Live! Or is it Alive?

  1. Congratulations. May you have cataclysmic success.

  2. Good luck with your new business!

    1. Thanks so much!

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