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And Now for My Next Trick!

and now for my next trick origami cat and dog

And Now For My Next Trick – The continuing journey of a new business.

Blog number 2 (I promise I won’t remind you of the number again – until its maybe 100!).

Following on from the last blog (number 1) –  (OK, I promised not to remind you, I just couldn’t resist seeing if you were still reading this 😆), I thought I’d let you know some other things that went on during the set up of the business.

My dogs Stitch (a Border Collie rescue) and Pepper (a Labrador) both died in the last 2 years, they reached good old ages and I loved them with all my heart.  Our cat Shenzi went missing one day – she was a rescue and was Feral so we hoped she just went walkabout.

We do have a cat called Ed, who was a rescue and is just adorable.  You’ll have seen him feature on Instagram and the Facebook page.  He tends to think he’s my assistant and likes to watch me at my computer in the afternoons. I don’t pay him because he just sits (or lies down) and stares until I stroke him.

Ed being very busy

Anyway, I’ve missed my dogs and cat so much and that was definitely a factor in starting this online Pet Presents business.  So, I had no dogs to model but, yes, you guessed, my friends do! 

So I borrow them from time to time.  I bribe them with the Handmade Dog Biscuits (they don’t know that they’re healthy!)

Models are Sir Alex Ferguson, Elvis, Munki, Lilo and Luna – wearing their Christmas Bandanas

I am lucky to know people who are willing to help me with all sorts of things and I give them cups of tea (or wine) and dog biscuits (not really 😆 ………. Or do I …….???? (oh how I wish I knew how to put an evil laugh in here!) I could give them dog biscuits because I’ve done the taste test on them – dog’s like them better!)

I needed help with developing the brand and that came in the form of my daughters’ best friend who volunteered to fix up my messes!  Thanks Caleb!  He sorted out my labels for me as well as fixed up photo sizes and checked the look of the website. Have a look at some of his work here.

and now for my next trick labels
New Labelling for Handcrafted Health Dog Biscuits

In conjunction with the very talented Kathy from Life & Fork, the range of Handcrafted Dog Biscuits will be added to as we develop them and next year we’ll be developing kitty treats!  Watch this space!

I think the Origami Cat and Dog will feature on their adventures.  Just because I like them and have fun doing the videos.  Little things please little minds and all that!

Last, but definitely not least, my friend Margareta offered to test everything on the website to make sure it worked properly.  One of her suggestions had me scratching my head for an entire afternoon to find code to make it work.  I cannot thank her enough for this – testing the website that is, not scratching my head for an afternoon!

That’s it for and now for my next trick, otherwise known as Blog No. 2 (sorry for mentioning it again……)

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  1. I look forward to following your Blog all the way from South Carolina ❤️

    1. So lovely of you!

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